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CraneVeyor TranStation® Enclosed Crane Systems® Enclosed Track: Ceiling Mounted & Free Standing Monorail

Since 1946, CraneVeyor has been manufacturing traditional "I" beam monorails. In 1998 we developed the TranStation Enclosed Track work area systems. TranStations are economical and efficient systems for manually moving loads up to 4000#. Approximately 1 pound of force is required to move 100 pounds so that pushing with only 10# of force can move a 1000# load. TranStation Ceiling Mounted monorails provide ease of operation, ruggedness and value.

See the following TranStation Ceiling Mounted Monorail features:

Ceiling Mounted Monorail Cranes

A Ceiling Mounted TranStation is the cost effective and efficient solution when a qualified engineer determines that the overhead structure will adequately support the monorail loads, and the structure is properly positioned so that the monorail serves your handling area. All supports are overhead so that there are no floor support columns required.

The standard ceiling suspension system uses adjustable hanger brackets that attach to level steel beams with flange width to 8'' and thickness to 7/16". Threaded hanger rods (to 72" long) are provided to level the monorail, and sway bracing is used to stabilize the system. This standard system is shown in the technical and dimension pages. Many optional suspension methods are available for a TranStation Ceiling Mounted monorail. If the standard system is not appropriate or cost effective for your structure we can provide one of our pre-engineered options or design the best system for your requirement. An optional suspension system is usually less expensive than redesigning your structure. Your ceiling support structure information should be provided with your inquiry for an optional hanger system.

A few of the hanger systems available are shown below:

Standard Hanger System - (Click to Enlarge)
Standard Hanger System
(Click to Enlarge)
Hangers from wood beams - (Click to Enlarge)
Direct Bolt Hanger to Bracket
(Click to Enlarge)
Bracket over door to bolt to wall - (Click to Enlarge)
Bracket over Door to Bolt to Wall
(Click to Enlarge)
Hanger for tapered rafter - (Click to Enlarge)
Hanger for Tapered Rafter
(Click to Enlarge)

Plain Track Monorail Configuration to 6' Support Centers
Plain Track Monorail Configuration to 6' Support Centers

Trussed Track Monorail Configuration-20'; 25' and 30' Support Centers
Trussed Track Monorail Configuration-20'; 25' and 30' Support Centers

Systems are pre-engineered, easy to order, simple to layout and easy to install. There are models for 250# thru 4000# capacity; 30'monorail span; and unlimited lengths. Plain enclosed track is provided to 6' monorail spans, and trussed track is provided for 20', 25', and 30' maximum support (SD) centers. Select the model closest to your application and we will adjust the details to your requirements. A dimension drawing will be provided for your review and approval prior to manufacture.

TranStation Ceiling Mounted systems include:

For more information click here to see the CraneVeyor TranStation Enclosed Track Crane System Slide Presentation

For dimensional information on Ceiling Mounted Monorails see below

Part Numbers and Inclusions for Ceiling Mounted Monorails (PDF Files)


A Free Sstanding TranStation enclosed track monorail system may be your best solution where overhead structure is not available or adequate to support the loads. The TranStation free standing is an efficient system for manually handling loads up to 4,000#.

Free Standing TranStation

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