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Special Equipment and Systems

We at CraneVeyor have extended our equipment and engineering capabilities to provide equipment and systems for requirements outside the traditional "crane" category. Two equipment items offered are: Mobile Personnel Fall Arrest Systems, to allow safe and free movement for personnel working at heights; and Welding support cranes to improve production and safety in welding operations. In addition our design, engineering and manufacturing capability has allowed us to provide other engineered mechanical and structural systems, for the entertainment, defense and other industries.

Please review the information linked below for more information about special systems.

Mobile Personnel Fall Arrest Systems (MPFAS)

The CraneVeyor TranStation enclosed track work area crane/monorail system can be provided with the documentation and testing to use as a mobile anchorage for personnel who need to work at heights. Workers can move freely and be safe from injury.
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For more MPFAS information see the Slide presentation

Mobile Welding Support Systems

CraneVeyor TranStation enclosed track cranes, monorails, and jib cranes provide easy moving systems to improve productivity for your welding operations so that welders spend time fabricating rather than moving wire feeds, cables and hoses around to the work area. Cables and hoses are off the ground for improved safety and material movement.
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For more MOBILE WELDING SYSTEMS information see the Slide presentation

Engineered Systems

CraneVeyor's capabilities and experience have allowed us to provide equipment outside the limitations of crane work. We have provide special mechanical and structural systems for the entertainment industry such as moving floors and magnatron handlers; powered hanger door systems, moving buildings and extending canopies for the defense and aerospace industry; special low headroom handling systems and other special systems for industry.

Look for periodic updates of our Engineered Systems presentation.

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