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Runway Systems: Free Standing Crane Systems

More Information on Free Standing Crane Systems
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You don't have to install your crane runway system to a fixed facility or structure. Instead you can have an independent system and be free to relocate, expand the system or change production layouts as new requirements and opportunities arrive. CraneVeyor Free Standing crane systems are available from ¼ to 40 tons capacity in various arrangements. Some Free Standing advantages are:

  • Economical
  • Modular Construction
  • Independent of Building
  • Relocatable
  • Simple to Layout
  • Rugged Seismic Design
  • Quick Delivery
  • Easily Permitted
  • Easy Installation
  • TransLifter - Underhung Crane
    Underhung Crane
    TransTop - Top Riding Crane
    CraneVeyor TransTop®®
    Top Riding Crane
    CraneVeyor TranStation® - Enclosed Track Cranes
    Enclosed Track Cranes
    TransCoverFor Weather Protection
    CV TransCovers
    For Weather Protection

    Runway Systems: Self Supporting & Building
    Supported Crane Systems

    CraneVeyor Self-Supporting Cranes
    More Information on Self Supporting Crane Systems
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    Where a building structure has been designed or is appropriate for a crane runway, CraneVeyor will provide engineering and installation of the complete runway system. When a building supported or Free Standing system is not appropriate, we provide Self Supporting Runways with A-Frame, "Flagpole," or Braced Column type supporting structure. The Self Supporting runway systems require larger foundations than Free Standing systems but are often more economical for large span and high capacity cranes.

    Free Standing TransLifter® Monorails

    Where overhead structure is not available or adequate to support a monorail system, a Free Standing TransLifter Monorail may be an economical and efficient solution for your overhead materials handling. Free standing monorails are available to 30 tons capacity and various spans and support centers.

    Free Standing TransLifter Work Area Monorail Systems:

    • Support centers and support frame dimensions to be coordinated with the work area layout.
      On multiple bay systems, bay spacing will be divided equally unless otherwise specified.
    • Systems include:
      • Monorail
      • Stiffeners(as req'd)
      • Splice Assemblies
      • Support Frames
      • End Stops
    • Stiffeners are required on some models of Free Standing Monorail systems for longitudinal stability.
    • Systems meet Seismic Zone 4 requirements.
    • Part Number Explanation:

    Free Standing TranLifter Monorail
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