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CraneVeyor is an innovator of work area crane systems. Over 20 years ago we designed and built the TransLifter line of underhung freestanding work area cranes, and in 1998 we integrated our experience into the enclosed track TranStation family of work area cranes. TranStations are pre-engineered, rated from 250 thru 4000 pounds, and are designed and priced to bring cranes to applications where cranes might or might not have been considered.

TranStation features include:
Enclosed steel track is low weight and high-strength with tapered rolling surface that stays clean, reduces wheel wear and provides lower rolling resistance. Trolleys and trucks have machined steel wheels with sealed, lifetime lubricated ball bearings. Wheels are tapered to match the track and reduce rolling resistance. Trucks have guide rollers.
TranStation cranes are ergonomically justified, with a free moving system requiring approximately 1 pound to push 100 pounds, resulting in less effort, reduced injuries and increase productivity. Systems have up to 34' bridge lengths, to 30' runway spans and runway lengths as required.
CraneVeyor TranStation Components

TranStations are complete systems and include the runway structure/connections, runway rails, bridge, trolley, and bridge and hoist festoon electrification. Add a hoist and you're ready to install. The system is blast cleaned and coated with a primer and safety yellow enamel finish for an attractive, tough and durable surface.

Please review the information below for information about TranStation types & options.

TransStation Enclosed Tranck Free Standing Crane Free Standing Systems - Free Standing TranStations bolt to most concrete floors (5" nominal) and stand with no extra bracing or foundations. Free Standing systems are great choices as a pre-engineered, and durable work area cranes.
Ceiling Mounted Crane Systems Ceiling Mounted Crane Systems - Ceiling mounted cranes are pre-engineered systems, simple to layout and easy to install. The standard hangers are clamp type with hanger rods, but there are a variety of hanger methods available to fit your requirements. Free Standing TranStation monorails are independent of overhead support structure.
Ceiling Mounted Monorail Systems Ceiling Mounted & Free Standing Monorail Systems - Ceiling mounted monorails are pre-engineered, simple to layout and easy to install. The standard hangers are clamp type with hanger rods, but there are a variety of hanger methods available to fit your requirements.
TranStation Jib Cranes TranStation Jib Cranes - Jib cranes are available in wall bracket and base mounted types. The jibs are easy to operate and economical, and pre-engineered in 100# to 1000# capacity, and up to 16' span. Base mounted jibs are available to 14' height under boom.
Special Systems & Options - TranStations are available with engineered options including: mixed capacity systems; motorization; conductor bar electrification; special dimensions and construction for higher hook heights and low headroom and many other special features. Many "specials" are "no problem" with a CraneVeyor TranStation.

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