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Over 20 years ago, CraneVeyor designed and built the TransLifter line of underhung Free Standing work area cranes. In 1998 we used our experience to develop the TranStation enclosed track work area cranes. Enclosed track cranes are an economical and efficient system for manually moving loads up to 4000# with approximately 1 pound required to move 100 pounds. TranStation Free Standing systems have features and benefits that set this product above the rest for ease of operation, ruggedness and value.

See the following TranStation Free Standing Crane information:

CraneVeyor TranStation

Free Standing TranStations are entirely self-supporting and independent of the building structure, with no need for bracing or building tiebacks, and only require a 5" concrete slab. Other "free standing" systems need help to stand alone and require sway bracing to reduce movement and at least a 6" reinforced concrete floor for support. Since no extra support is required Free Standing TranStations are the best choice for outside installations and other open areas.

CraneVeyor TranStation

The Free Standing structure is engineered to rugged seismic requirements. You receive the benefits of a more rigid and durable system as a standard. The rigid frame has unique 45degree connections and structurally rigid runway connections. Structural steel tubing is used for the frames and all bolted ASCE approved connections are provided, unlike other manufacturers who use clamp/slip connections. The low profile design requires minimum headroom. The modular design makes it easy to add sections or to relocate.

CraneVeyor TranStation

Because TranStation cranes are so easy to move the runways must be level. Columns are installed using anchors with leveling nuts for up to 1" adjustment of the columns to compensate for uneven floors. For more deviation, columns can be ordered different heights. The bases are grouted after leveling for full bearing on the slab (nominal 5", 2500 psi concrete) so soil bearing pressure under the slab is less than the 1000 psf.

CraneVeyor TranStation

Systems are pre-engineered, easy to order, simple to layout and easy to install. There are hundreds of models for 250# thru 4000# capacity, 34' bridge lengths, up to 18' hook bearing height, 30' runway spans, and unlimited runway lengths. Select the model closest to your requirement and we will adjust the details to your requirements. A dimension drawing is provided for your review and approval prior to manufacture.

CraneVeyor TranStation

TranStation Free Standing systems include:

  • Enclosed track bridge, with end trucks, stops and trolley for a hook-on hoist/device.
  • Enclosed track runways, complete with support frames, hanger assemblies, splice assemblies and mounting hardware. Even the floor mounting bolts and grout are included.
  • Festooned electrical system for bridge and runway, complete with trolleys, 4-conductor #14 flat cable, clamps and stack-up system.
  • A layout drawing, assembly instructions, and manuals are provided with each system.

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CraneVeyor TranStation

For Dimensional information on Free Standing Cranes see below:

Part Numbers and Inclusions for Free Standing Cranes (PDF Files)

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