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CraneVeyor TranStation® Enclosed Crane Systems® Enclosed Track: Jib Cranes

Since 1946, CraneVeyor has been providing jib cranes to industry. In 1998 we developed the TranStation Free Standing enclosed track work area systems. Enclosed track jib cranes are an economical and efficient system for manually moving loads up to 1000#. Approximately 1 pound of force is required to move 100 pounds, so that pushing with only 10# can move a 1000# load. TranStation work area jib cranes provide ease of operation, ruggedness and value.

See the following TranStation Jib Crane information:

Base Mounted JibBase Mounted (Model BMJ) Enclosed Track TranStation Jib Cranes mount to a suitable floor or foundation and are independent of the building. The jibs provide work area coverage with up to 360 degree rotation. Base mounted jibs are often your best and most cost effective materials handling solution. Since no extra support is required Base Mounted TranStation Jibs are the best choice for outside installations and open areas.

Model BMJ Base Mounted Jib Crane Features:

Wall Bracket Jib CraneWall Bracket (Model WBJ) Enclosed track TranStation jib cranes mount to a suitable column or other structure. A qualified engineer must determine that the structure is adequate prior to installation for safety of personnel and property. When properly installed, a wall bracket jib can be your most efficient and cost effective materials handling solution. Up to 200 degree rotation is available.

Model WBJ Wall Bracket Jib Crane Features:

TranStation Jib Crane Options:
(For all jib cranes)

(For base mounted jibs)

If you have
If you have "Special" requirements - No Problem
Slide PresentationWelding Crane Slide Presentation

A double WBJ type crane setup on a common column is shown above. Each WBJ jib crane supports a welding wire feed to allow the operator to work productively, and there are trolleys with large radius saddles to keep hoses and cables off the floor. An engineered base mounting is provided to secure the column to the concrete slab and platforms are provided for mounting welding power supplies and other equipment-no problem.

Jib Crane Jib Crane

Note: a layout drawing, assembly instructions, and manuals are provided with each system.

For more information click here to see the CraneVeyor TranStation Enclosed Track Crane System Slide Presentation

For Dimensional information on CraneVeyor TranStation Jib Cranes see below

Part Numbers and Inclusions for Jib Cranes (PDF Files)

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