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CraneVeyor TransLifter

Free-standing, economical, pre-engineered and easy to erect underhung crane system.

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CraneVeyor Translifter

The free-standing structure is designed and manufactured utilizing formed structural steel members. The unique frame design eliminates the need for A-frame legs, X-bracing or tie-offs to the building. There are no crane loads imposed into the building structure. Less of your valuable production space is required for the efficient TransLifter System than other systems.


Meets or exceeds applicable requirements of CMAA, UBC, ANSI, OSHA, AISC and AISI. The structures are engineered to meet and exceed rugged Seismic Zone 4 building code requirements for a durable and dependable system.

Pre-Engineered Systems

Standard systems to 5-ton capacity commonly use pre-engineered, stock components to provide low cost and quick delivery. Engineered TransLifter Systems are provided for larger spans, heights, and capacities to 15 tons.


Runway beam connections are of all bolted construction featuring structural rigidity. No field welding is required. You can easily add another bay to the TransLifter system or relocate the system, since it is independent of the building. The TransLifter is also a great choice for outside installations.

TransLifter System Specifications & Advantages:

  • An underhung crane provides closer hook approach to the columns than a top riding type.
  • CV 4036 and Z Series cranes up to 15-ton capacity can operate on the TransLifter runway.
  • The cranes are available as electric or air driven, hand geared or hand pushed.
  • The TransLifter rigid frame design requires smaller foundations than fixed base column type runway supports. The unique design simply bolts to the floor or to the foundations. Most concrete floors (5 minimum thickness) are suitable for supporting TransLifter systems up to 2-ton capacity. Heavier systems may require foundations or enlarged base plates. The smaller foundation requirement allows more convenient placement of the columns, easier installation and lower cost.
  • Runway electrification is insulated conductor bar. Other conductor systems are available on application.
  • The structure and crane are blast cleaned and coated with a primer and a safety yellow enamel finish for an attractive, tough and durable surface. Other colors are available on application.
  • CraneVeyor is a licensed fabrication shop and designs to UBC and OSHA Code requirements, CMAA guidelines, and other applicable codes.

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