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The concept of a structurally sound guardrail system, with no obstruction to the view, and yet prevent any penetration whatsoever, is made possible with CraneVeyor's ClearVue 100 structural glass rail system.

ClearVue 100 has been issued a City of Los Angeles Research Report number (RR25084) which requires strict testing from an independent testing laboratory as well as the City's own thorough review of the product. Copies of this report are available upon request.

Tempered Glass panels 1/2 inch thick are supported by a contiguous structural metal base anchored to a steel embed or stair stringer. Glass panels can be clear, colored or opaque with a custom design or logo etched into the glass. The metal base may be embedded into the concrete, covered with sheet metal trim to match the top rail, or built into a curb.

A decorative top rail is cemented to the glass to protect the top edge and complete the railing system.

On stairs and ramps, a handrail can be attached to the glass with brackets mounted through the gaps between the glass panels of through holes in the glass.