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Design Information for Glass

Glass panels should be dimensioned so that the minimum length is 1'-0 and the maximum length does not exceed 6'-0. The top rail should extend across three glass panels, terminate to the floor or attach to a wall.

When holes in tempered glass are required, the diameter of the hole must be at least 1/16" greater than the thickness of the glass. The distance from the edge of the hole to the edge of the glass must be at least 1/2 times the thickness of the glass on glass that is 1/2" thick or less and 2 times the thickness for glass over 1/2". Notches and cutouts must have fillets, the radius of which must be equal to or greater than the thickness of the glass.

Typical Section

ClearVue 100 is a structural glass railing system with no vertical posts to obstruct the view. A structural metal base holds 1/2 inch tempered glass and the top rail of your choice.