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Top Rails

Top rails may be metal or wood. Wood top rails are custom made to order. Metal top rails in aluminum, stainless steel and brass are stocked in 20'-0 lengths. Sizes and shapes of metal top rails are shown on this page.


Parts and top rails shown on this page can be supplied with the standard finished show in the suggested specification below.


All necessary accessories are available to complete the ClearVue 100 Structural Glass Rail System. Bends, miters, sheet metal trim, setting blocks, splice sleeves and glass can be made to order. The structural base can be counter bored at 12 inches on center for 1/2" diameter socket head cap screws.

The structural base is attached to the structure with 1/2" diameter socket head cap screws at 12 inches on center. The base may be top mounted or side mounted. 1/2" tempered glass is set into the base onto neoprene setting blocks. Quick setting cement is poured into the opening between the base and glass to secure the glass. The quick setting cement must be sealed with caulking on all exterior installations. Sheet metal trim is often used to clad the structural base.