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Scope of Work

Furnish and install ClearVue 100 structural glass railing as manufactured by CraneVeyor Corp., South El Monte, CA.

Material Design

Mounting shall be a one piece extruded aluminum alloy 6063-T6 (part number C46600). Structural base shall be anchored to deck per details shown on the architectural plans with 1/2" stainless steel socket head cap screws at 12 inches on center. The railing shall be designed to withstand a lateral load across the top of the rail of 50 pounds per lineal foot. Tempered glass shall be 1/2" thick and shall be float tempered with no tong marks. Exposed vertical edges of glass shall be polished. Top rail to be (specify size, shape and material with part number).


All exposed metals to be finished as outlined below:


  • Bronze Anodized (Class I) AA M12 C22 A44
  • Black Anodized (Class I) AA M12 C22 A44
  • Hard Coat Anodized (Class I) MIL-A-8625C, Type III, Class 1, 0.0020" Minimum Thickness Marine Environment
  • Thermo Setting Paint System (Type and color to be specified by the architect)

Stainless Steel:

  • Brite polish
  • Directional satin finish

Bronze or Brass:

  • Brite Polish
  • Directional satin finish
  • Oxidized finish


  • Natural (no finish)
  • Stained (Specify Watco color)

Workmanship and Installation

All work to be completed in accordance with approved shop drawings as modified by field verification and shall be accomplished to the complete satisfaction of the Architect.

Samples of finishes, components, and welds should be submitted for the Architect's approval prior to beginning fabrication.

Railings shall be installed by the railing manufacturer and installers must have at least five years of experience installing architectural railings.

Cleaning and Protection

The completed railings shall clean all work for inspection and approval of the architect.

The general contractor shall be responsible for protecting the completed railings from stains, scratches or other damage until the project has been completed.

The railing subcontractor shall supply maintenance instructions outlining the proper cleaning products and procedures for the type of railings installed.