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LOW IN COST - CV Pipe Rail posts and parts are prefabricated on a production basis. Field verification and custom fabrication are essentially eliminated. Horizontal rails are easily cut to length at the jobsite by the installers. Therefore, the combination of (A) low cost production parts, (B) elimination of special detailing and precise field measurements, and (C) the economics of installing a lightweight aluminum railing from standard components ordered from stock, has produced a lower net cost.

  STRENGTH - CV Pipe Rail incorporates interlocking parts which are internally welded. THERE ARE NO MECHANICAL FASTENERS (SCREWS, BOLTS OR TOGGLERS) TO CORRODE OR WORK LOOSE. Sleeves are 1/8" wall drawn aluminum tubing made to slip fit into the CV Pipe Railing. The efficient use of welds and machined fittings insures the structural integrity of the CV Pipe Rail system. Where heavy loading conditions are anticipated, a reinforcing tube or a solid reinforcing bar can be inserted into the post for additional strength.
MAINTENANCE - Aluminum's natural barrier against the sun and the weather reinforced by a durable Class 1anodized finish makes CV Pipe Rail a true low maintenance handrail system. Cleaning anodized aluminum usually requires no more than a moderate spray of water. If a heavy stain is encountered, a mil detergent used with water and a sponge or soft brush should solve the problem.