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CV Pipe Rail Standards

CV Pipe Rail (horizontal rails and posts) are fabricated from 1.500 inch schedule 40 aluminum alloy 6063-T6. We also stock handrail components fabricated from 1.500 inch O.D. material, which makes the CV Pipe Rail system A.D.A. compliant. Our pipe is specially extruded to one half normal pipe tolerances. This attention to detail provides a unifrom wall thickness and an exceptional external finish that is not generally seen on other aluminum pipe rail systems. Sleeves are produced from drawn tube alloy 6063-T832 sized for optimum fit into the CV Pipe Rail System.

Easy Assembly

CV Pipe Rail is assembled in the field from stock parts (custom fabrication is available). End posts, intermediate posts and corner posts are placed as required. Horizontal rails are cut to length at the jobsite by the installers. Assembly simply becomes cutting the horizontal rails to length, attaching the rails to the posts, aligning and grouting (or bolting). Complete installation instructions are available upon request.



  • A.D.A Compliant
  • 1.500 inch O.D. handrail components in stock
  • Internally welded connections
  • No mechanical fasteners
  • Architectural allow 6063-T6
  • Class 1 architectural anodizing