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VERTICAL BAR RAILINGS - A standard of excellence in aluminum railings. Vertical bar railings provide an effective means of preventing persons from falling off balconies or platforms. The vertical bar (or picket) is spaced per code to prevent people from passing through the rail. The railings are supported by posts which are sized and spaced to develop the structural strength required by the building code.

FIT-O-MATIC RAILS - Designed for use on structures with repeat balconies, Railtec Fit-O-Matic rail is an economical system that automatically fits an opening with a variance of 2 inches or less. Normally designed for a typical 12'-4" unit width, these panels can span up to 15'-0" with 20 pounds per foot residential loading. No posts are required, only deck brackets and end supports. This system is ideal for hotel and motel use with multiple floors.



  • Architecturally pleasing lines
  • Economy
  • Strength
  • Fully concelaed, tamper proof connections
  • Simplicty and adaptibility
  • Low Maintenance anodized aluminum

The basic features of Railtec are covered by U.S. and foreign patent #3498589, #3608938, #3620505, #3756567 and #3770245.